Andreu Vilasís

Andreu Vilasís.
- Born in Barcelona in November 1934.
- From 1959 he has his own workhop in Barcelona, and works as an enamellist artist.
- Since 1970 is teaching enamel in "Llotja" Barcelona School of Art and Design.
- Director of "Llotja" School : 1989 - 1996
- Director of the MECS (Contemporary Enamelling Art Museum )in Salou,(Tarragona),founded by him in 1991.
- 2005 Member of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Barcelona.



50 x 37,5 cms
Painted enamel on copper and grisaille.
Collage with painted wood



"A la Dona"
46 x 33 cms
Painted enamel on copper



"Per què ?"
46 x 33 cms (detall)
Painted enamel on copper and grisaille.
Collage withwood



41 x 34,5 cms
Painted enamel on copper and grisaille



27 x 24 cms
Painted enamel on copper. Grisaille








Education and Activities:
In the "Llotja", Barcelona School of Art and Design.
Massana Arts and Craft School and Fine Arts in Barcelona University as a designer, jeweller and painter.
Specializes in enamels on metals.
Member of the Jury selection in many international exhibitions as "Biennale Internationale l'Art de L'Email" Limoges, Coburg...
Participant and organiser of conferences, contests, exhibitions of enamelling, internationally.
Author of enamelling books and magazine articles (technical and historical ones), specialised in enamelling pedagogycal aspects.
Member of AICA International Art Critics Association in Paris.
Founder and President of CIDAE (Center of Information and Difusion of Art of Enamelling, since 1983) and director of the magazine L'ESMALT, printed by CIDAE since 1988 in Barcelona.
1995: Invited for a conference in Vth International Conference of enamels, in Hampton, Virginia (USA)
1996 Jury member of '96 International Exhibition of Enamelling Art in Japan. and a Master Class of grisaille
1998 to the International Symposium in the National Art and Desing Accademy "Baron Stieglitz" of St. Petersburg (Russia).
One-man -shows in Barcelona, Madrid, Tarragona... in Spain aproximately every 2 years and abroad (France, Switzerland, Germany...).

Selected Exhibitions and Awards:
- Selected for the most oustanding international group exhibitions of enamel art in many countries: Limoges, Noirlac, Morez and Paris (France), Coburg, Himmerod (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), Geneve (Switzerland), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Moscow (Russia),Viña del Mar (Xile)...

Recent participations:
-"Email International-3".Kunstverein. Coburg(Alemànya).
- Enamelling.-Galerie Hock-Grasslin. Wolnzach(Alemania).
- 2ème Rencontre Internationale de L'Email à Morez (França).- Bijoux Contemporains 1996.
- A Doctoral thesis including a study of his work and his "new grisaille technique" is presented in the Barcelona. University by Núria L. Ribalta, her pupil.
- IX International Exhibition of Enamelling Art in Japan. Tokio 1997.
- X Salon Internacional del Esmalte Artístico. Buenos Aires (Argntina).
- 31st International Enamelling Art Exhibition in Japan. Ueno Seiyoke. Tokio (Japó).
- "Artexpo '97." Fira de Barcelona. (Barcelona Art Fair).
- 3èmes Rencontres Internationales de L'Email a Morez, France 1998.
- CKI. International Exhibition. Alte Múhle Museum. Himmerod (Alemanya) 1999.
- Villa Vertua. Musei delle Arte del Fuoco. Milà (Itàlia).
- FeuerKünste."Alten Mühle" Museum. Himmerod (Alemanya).
- Ueno Royal Museum. Tokio (Japo).
- Studio Fusion. London (UK) 2000.
- C. Weskott. Atelier Gallery in Kóln (Germany).
One-man-Shows in Barcelona 2000 in Foc Gallery and in Tarragona, Contemporary Enamelling Museum of Salou.

1977-Prix Ville de Genève (Switzerland).Honour Mention of Jury.
1980-Medaille Ville de Limoges (França) V Biennale Internationale.
1985-"85 International Exhibition of Enamelling Artin Japan". The Ueno Royal Museum. Tokyo.
1991-92-Ist.Prize. IV/VºSalón Internacional del esmalte. Buenos Aires(Argentina).
1992-Art Director. International Contemporary Enamelling Museum in Salou (Taragona, Spain). International Art Critics Association Award.
-"Artistic and Technical Award". III International Contemporary Enamelling Exhibition in Decorative Arts Museum in moscow.(Russia).
1994 -Award "Francesc Galí" for his pedagogical and art difusion activity.
1998 -Art Critics Award. Award for Publications (For magazine "L'Esmalt". Director).

Musée Municipale de l'Eveché. Limoges (France).
Decorative Arts. Barcelona.
Decorative Arts. Moscow (Russia).
Contemporary Enamelling Art. Salou (Tarragona.Spain).
Rufino Tamayo Museum. Mexico.
Nemzeközi Zomancmuvészeti Alkotómühely.Kecskemét (Hungary).
The Enamelist Society Museum. Cold Spring. Kentucky (USA).

About my work:
To work on art is for me a necessity. It is all of my life.
To create, to conceive something that exist only in my mind. To give shape, to transform into a reality something invisible, only a sentiment, an emotion.
I give a lot of importance to the craft and I love the procedure, the technical aspects of my craft: enamelling and the perfection of the glass fused on metal.
To know very well the craft, to learn every day about is the only way to achieve to give life to my ideas. The mind and the hands working at 50 %.
I love desing, I love painting, I love enamelling... To look for an equilibrated composition and colour harmony are the focus of my interest.
The subjects of my works are varied, but women and the human love are the center of my works.

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